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Knob and Tube removal

Why You Should Consider Knob And Tube Wiring Removal

Knob and tube wiring is a type of wiring that few people know of in the modern day. Even though this type of wiring is rarely seen today, it exists in buildings that have been around for decades. Consequently, you are under a great electrical risk that could come through knob and tube wiring. Thus, keep reading to find out why this type of electrical wiring is such a headache. Additionally, why you need to get a knob and tube removal or replacement quickly. Looking forward to getting a knob and tube removal by well-versed electricians? At Absolutely Electrical, we have highly proficient electricians who can aid you with the removal and prevent fire risks.

What is a knob and tube wiring?

knob and tube removal

Knob and tube wiring is an early kind of electrical wiring that got its name because of how it looks. Its wires get wrapped in fabric/rubber tube run through ceramic knob for keeping wires away from contacting the wooden frame. Knob and tube wiring requires two lines that separate to prevent short circuit. These two lines are: a neutral wire, and a hot wire. This is unnecessary in contemporary wiring as modern insulation itself is, prevent short circuits. There is no ground wire in knob and tube wiring. As a result, electrical outlets usually had only two prongs instead of three. Having a ground wire is a potentially lifesaving addition to your building and should be at every electrical device. It’s so critical that insurance companies nowadays require this type of wiring installed if it is not already present.

How should you know if you have a knob and tube wiring?

Knob and tube wiring is commonly found in homes that were from the 1800’s to the early 1950’s. Even though this type of electrical wiring is still occasionally used, it is a rare thing in the present-day. Back in the


1800’s and 1900’s, knob and tube wiring was ultramodern. Thus, if your home is from around that time, you can find out if you have knob and tube wiring.

  • Observe the exposed unfinished areas of your home that are visible and see if you can spot any knob and tube wiring. You will not be able to look through the walls to find out if there is any hidden wiring underneath.
  • knob and tube wiringThis type of wiring is more commonly found in the attic or basement.
  1. Attic: Go up the stairs into the attic and trail the wiring that is bare. You may need to get rid of some insulation as the wiring in the attic is covered up by insulation. Warning: Do not step on any hidden wire as it can damage them. If you see any wiring connected to white small ceramic pieces, then your home does have knob and tube wiring.
  2. Basement: When you go down to your basement, you need to look for the same thing as the attic. The knob and tube wiring is generally under the floorboard above. As there is no ceiling in a basement, you can simply notice the floorboard by looking up. Also, if you come across any wiring connected to ceramic pieces, then that’s another proof of knob and tube wiring.
  • Other than the attic and basement, knob and tube wiring can also be hid into the walls and ceilings of your home. Thus, you will not be able to find out on your own. To do so, you need to access the electrical box that houses the circuit breakers. However, you are not advised to do this on your own unless you are an expert. Chances of accidently touching a live wire in the electrical box could be lethal. To be safe, contact us to do the task for you instead as we are professionals in this sector. If you choose to access the electrical box on your own, search for wires coming in that have two strands. This would mean a knob and tube wiring.

Possible dangers

knob and tube removal

Now that we know about knob and tube wiring, let’s learn the importance of getting a knob and tube removal/replacement.

  • Like we have mentioned before, knob and tube wiring is two-stranded, with a neutral wire and a hot wire. There is no ground wire. However, most electrical appliances in the modern day including video game systems, refrigerators, and computers come with three prongs. Thus, there is no protection at all when a fault occurs. As a result, knob and tube wiring increases the risks of fire and shocks.
  • For insulation, knob and tube wiring makes use of sheathing. But, they tend to easily break down over time. Moreover, the problem increases as the buildings and houses that use these type of wirings are old. So, modern wiring uses better materials for insulation and are a lot safer.
  • Before the 1950’s, electrical systems made use of knob and tube wiring but, circuit wires got fused with 15 amps. Over time other systems added could cause an unacceptable load on a fused circuit. This means that the wire is passing more current that it should which could lead to excessive heat and fire.
  • Before the 1950’s, electrical systems did not undergo high amperage loads. Consequently, extra loads cause the insulation to become fragile resulting in exposing a bare wire and the capacity to overheat. This could also cause fires.


Considering the dangers associated with this ancient wiring, we hope you plan for a knob and tube replacement. Without getting a knob and tube removal, you not only expose yourself but also your loved ones to such risks. Moreover, majority of insurance companies do not cover insurance for buildings that have this kind of wiring. Do not hesitate to contact certified electricians like us, to get knob and tube replacement for your home.

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