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Do you have a culinary dream of operating your own food truck but do not know how to bring it altogether? Well, one of the crucial steps to bringing your food truck to life is with electrical food truck wiring. Wiring a food truck refers to an electrical wiring system that provides energy to be used for appliances and equipment in and around a food truck. Providing electrical energy through food truck wiring will let you do cool things in your food truck such as using powered equipment like blenders, juicers, fridge, freezer, water pump, water heater,hoodfan, A/C window unit, etc.

Whatever item you may want to equip your food truck with, you will most certainly need to set up your food truck electrical systems, unless you plan to vend from a hot dog cart. However, even then, you would be very limited in the things you can do in your food truck, if you do not have your food truck electrical systems set up. Therefore, if you are looking for a certified and highly proficient food truck electrician to carry out your food truck wiring, then Absolutely Electrical is who you need. At Absolutely Electrical, we have well-experienced food truck electricians who can help you with the schematic and planning for your entire food truck electrical systems from scratch.

How does wiring a food truck work?

Wiring a food truck is no different than wiring a house; in other words, you would wire your food truck as if you were wiring your house. This means that a food truck wiring would require proper installation as well as operation of the electrical panel, GFCI outlets, circuit breakers, switches, proper grounding of the system, and different electrical circuits. Your food truck would also require a chassis ground when it is parked, in order to avoid having a floating ground. Otherwise, this could result in possible shock in case that the chassis of the food truck becomes energized.

Services our food truck electricians are ready to offer

1. Safety

First and foremost, the most significant need for any electrical wiring system is safety. It is crucial for you to entrust licensed and well-experienced electricians to work on your food truck wiring, in order to ensure a safe environment all around your food truck. As a result of improperly installed electrical components or faulty wiring done by inexperienced electricians, your food truck could potentially end up having an electrical fire.

At Absolutely Electrical, our food truck electricians are equipped with a solid understanding regarding the requirements as well as safety standards for preventing any errors that could potentially result in injuries, damage, shock, or fire. To add on, we can make your food truck safe while it is being driven by using special wiring that reduces sound transmission. We know how to wire things in a way that will be safe, and make the whole truck as good as any kitchen that would be in a building – except, on wheels!

2. Design

In order to successfully wire your food truck, planning out the design of your entire food truck beforehand is essential. The team at Absolutely Electrical can help you create a complete and proper electrical diagram and carefully planning out where the wires go with the number of outlets as well as the electrical panel in your food truck. Once the diagram is mutually agreed upon by both the electrician and customer, we will then start to set up the outlets, breakers, and switches with the needed amperage.

To add on, we can also help you in designing the kitchen space inside your food truck, whether you need lighting and outlets on the outside of the food truck or extra capacity freezers for large events. As we have already helped wire some famous food trucks, we have a good track record of food truck wiring. We can ensure that nothing will be missing and we can even help you ensure that you will have everything you need for the future to operate a successful food truck restaurant.

3. Electrical load calculation

Powering a food truck can be tricky and mistakes can end up costing you a lot. Without the right knowledge and expertise, you could cause serious harm to yourself or start a fire. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you consult a food truck electrician or professional like Absolutely Electrical regarding your power needs. We work closely with our customers to precisely determine the amount of power they will need in order to operate their specific kind of business.

How much power you will exactly need for your food truck completely depends on the wattage of your equipment. At Absolutely Electrical, we can do a full electrical load calculation for your food truck to make sure that there is sufficient power for all your mobile kitchen equipment as well as help you pass all electrical inspections. With our specific care to the details of your power needs and close monitoring, you can rest assured of receiving the right amount of power for your food truck without it costing you your safety.

4. Generator power

Food truck generators are definitely a decent choice for those who are trying to look for ways to power their food truck conveniently. Even though a lot of locations and festivals will provide you with power, there are also locations that will not. Even if the location provides you with power, if power is lost at the place, you would be left with no other option than to shut down your food truck business for the day resulting in loss of sales. Therefore, if you want your food truck to be completely self-contained, it is a good idea to invest on a generator. At Absolutely Electrical, we can assist you in setting up your generator power,so that your food truck business will still be good to go even if there is no electrical power available at the location.

5. Existing food truck

If you happen to have an existing food truck that you would like to make some changes to, instead of spending huge amounts of money by setting up a brand new food truck from scratch, then we can also help you with that. Whether you would like to make your food truck’s electrical wiring safer or include an additional electrical equipment, we have got your back! We can make a full inspection to your existing food truck and provide recommendations or make changes to make it better, safer, as well as and more efficient.

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