Electrical Service Upgrades (100,200,300,400 amps)

The benefits of a 200 amp service upgrade

Modern life has become so complicated that even the simplest household appliances now run with the help electricity. Such appliances include washing machines, dryers, hvac systems, entertainment systems and other devices that work on electricity.

Have you considered if upgrading to a 200 amp service is for you?

While the traditional homes continue to work efficiently with their old electrical panels, there are homes that require an upgrade to 200 amp service either because their present electric panels do not match their requirements or they are planning to introduce new devices that will require an upgrade. If you have doubts about the capacity of your present electrical service, then you can always call us at Absolutely Electrical so we can evaluate your present and future power requirements and check if you need a 200 amp service upgrade. It is always wise to call a professional electrician to ensure the safety of your homes when it comes to electrical connections and service.

While there are repairs you can do on your own, only a qualified electrician can best determine if your home requires upgrading to 200 amp service and to actually install such an upgrade. Your present amp service may be enough for simple appliances like televisions or low-powered air conditioners so there is no need to upgrade.
However, if you foresee a growth in your electricity demand in the future, then we can help you evaluate your present and future electrical distribution and suggest ways to make it more efficient. Most homes today make due with a 100 amp service using only the most basic electrical devices. Up to 34 percent of the electrical requirement of the average home goes to heating. Another 34 percent is used for lighting requirements and the operation of basic appliances. The rest is distributed to other electrical needs like water heaters and refrigerators.

If you are heavily-reliant on high-powered electrical devices that are almost used at the same time on a regular basis, and you feel these devices are not performing efficiently, then upgrading to 200 amp service may be a solution.
Your electrical service requirement is not only determined by a head-count of all your electrical devices. You should also consider the size of the house and the gadgets and devices being used by its occupants at any given time. A 100 amp service will only be able to efficiently handle a limited amount of circuits, so if you have young adults who are into electric-guzzling gizmos, then upgrading to 200 amp service may be logical.

If you are planning to renovate your home and add some relaxation features like a hot tub, it would be wise to ask one of our electricians to check if it can handle your present electric service. Most modern homes have been built with a 200 amp service upgrade and you might not even be aware if your home has enough electrical power. With the help of our electricians, you will be able to determine how much amp service your home is presently capable of and how much it needs considering your electricity demand. Your present electrical requirements may be sufficient given your 100 amp service. But if you have plans to install more devices requiring more electric load later on then it would be more cost effective to upgrade to the 200 amp service now instead of changing it when the need arises.

Our electricians will be more equipped to give you a good advice if they have more knowledge about the electrical loads you are presently using in your home. Thus, we need to check not only the amp ratings of your circuit breakers but also your future electric demand. We can provide an approximate scenario for your electrical requirements and help you decide whether or not you need to upgrade to 200 amp service now.

We have been in the business of providing reliable electrical installation services in British Columbia for years now. As an expert in this field we have witnessed how homeowners have underestimated their electrical loads only to pay double in the end because they realized they need an upgrade. Any industry expert will tell you that upgrading to 200 amp service will not only improve your electrical efficiency but it will also increase the resale value of your home in case you need to put in the market later on. Homebuyers want to move in their new homes immediately knowing that it can accommodate their electric needs without need for a 200 amp service upgrade.

Our certified electricians are always available to meet with you and evaluate the electric service requirement of your home. And in case you need an upgrade to 200 amp service, we will gladly give you an estimate on what you need and how much it will cost you. Call us now at 250-704-6808 for an appointment.

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