Electrical Inspections

The benefits of electrical inspections

Have you always experienced anxiety attacks with the thought of electrical inspections either in your home or office building? Let us assure you that your fears are unfounded and unnecessary. This is a great opportunity to ensure that your electrical installations are appropriate and safe.

Every locality, no matter where it is located, requires the conduct of electrical inspection in residential and commercial buildings, to ensure that they comply with the minimum electrical standards set by the government. New premises that seek approval of their business permits or building permits are often required to undergo electrical inspections prior to approval of such permits. While most people consider these electrical inspections as a nuisance, they come with many benefits not only to the owners of these premises but also to other people including consumers of commercial spaces as well as residents and neighbours of residential buildings.

The primary purpose of electrical inspections is to ensure the safety of all dwellers and inhabitants of residential and commercial premises. When inspections are conducted on a regular basis, electricians are able to identify wiring issues and other electrical problems even before it develops into something more complicated. More importantly, an electrical inspection can help prevent bigger wiring problems that can cause delays in your daily home activities or business operations. If your premises are highly reliant on electrically-powered devices like hvac systems, then even a small electrical problem can have widespread impact on your daily life. Can you imagine your family surviving for days or even just hours without a heater in the middle of winter just because you ignored the value of an electrical inspection?

An electrical failure is bad news for every entrepreneur as it can lead to business inefficiency and profit loss. Worse, your target market may take that inefficiency as a sign that you cannot serve them well, and this can lead to loss of customers.

No one wants electrical issues to hinder the efficient operation of a household or a business. It is thus important to consider regular electrical inspections in your premises to ensure that all your electric connections are working and not suffering from wear and tear.

As your trusted electricians, we at Absolutely Electrical can check your electric installations for efficiency. As part of our electrical inspection, we check for frayed wires and replace them even before they stress out the entire electrical system of your homes or commercial establishments. It is sad to note that fires caused by faulty wiring could have been easily detected by a professional electrician during the conduct of regular electrical inspections. Our electricians are always on standby to respond to the needs of our customers so there is no reason for any delay in your electrical maintenance. Electrical Inspections can take only a few minutes or a few hours depending on how vast your electrical connections are. However, the time spent inspecting your wiring and devices can make a very big difference in your peace of mind. Fires have resulted in loss of lives and property so taking some time off for electrical inspections should bring big benefits for you.

It is important to bring in a professional electrician who can give you a good advice when it comes to the quality of your electrical wiring. Our electricians are well aware of the new technologies in the industry and we can help update your electrical installation based on the new codes. If you own an old home, then an electrical inspection would ensure that your wires are up to date and safe for everyone. British Columbia has an electrical code that should be followed by homeowners and business establishments. Failure to do so can result in the payment of fines and even sanctions. It is best to be proactive and call on our electricians to conduct an electrical inspection of your premises before the local officials bring to your attention an existing electrical infraction.

Insurance companies are also more stringent nowadays when it comes to providing safety ratings for structures that require insurance. When your premises are given a higher safety rating then it could mean savings in the cost of insurance. You will only be able to achieve this if you allow the conduct of electrical inspections on your premises prior to the visit of your insurance company representative. There is no arguing that a safe structure will have more value in the market compared to other structures that have not been the subject of a regular electrical inspection. So if you want to put a premium on your investment, then call us at 250-704-6808 for an assessment.

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