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The current generation has witnessed tremendous amounts of hype regarding electric cars. Whether you are drawn to an electric car because it is environmentally friendly or due to the fact that it has a low running cost, planning where you can regularly carry out your electric vehicle charging is absolutely crucial. If you own an electric car, you already know how much of a hassle and time-consuming it can be to look for or travel to an EV charging station every now and then. To those people that are looking for a more convenient alternative to taking regular trips to the EV charging station, this article is for you.

At Absolutely Electrical, we can aid you with an electric car charger installation, which will allow your electric vehicle charging to take place anywhere you would like, whether it is your own home or office. As a result, you can not only disregard taking trips to an EV charging station, but also save plenty of time as you can simply charge your car at night as you sleep – being able to use a fully charged car the next morning.

How to charge your electric car at home?

In order to be able to carry out your electric vehicle charging at home, you can either use an EVSE supply cable for a 3 pin plug socket, or get an electric car charger installation. To charge your electric car with an EVSE supply cable, you can simply plug it in a 120v, 20amp plug. However, this method of charging takes much longer to charge, as compared to a 240v, 30 – 40amp charging point. Another point to consider is that the 120v plugs do not offer the same features that come with the higher amperage units: such as wifi notification of full charge, speed, and security.

An electric car charger installation done at home, also known as a home charging point, is a compact unit that is weatherproof and ascends to a wall that has a connected charging cable or a 240v plug that  connect to a portable charging cable. At Absolutely Electrical, we have a well-experienced team of certified Electricians who are highly trained in installing home charging points as such. Once you have your home charging system all setup, all you need to do to charge your electric car is simply park your electric car there.

Advantages of using a home charging system

There are plenty of reasons to why so many people are recently hyping about home charging systems. If your electric car charger installation is done by qualified specialist installers like Absolutely Electrical, here are some of the advantages that you could benefit from:

  • It charges your electric car much faster than an EVSE supply cable plugged into a 3 pin plug socket. Your electric car can go from no charge to full charge within anywhere between 1 to 3 hours.
  • It comes with built-in safety features, unlike the sockets.
  • It is more convenient as you have complete control over when you want to charge your car.
  • It may be better for your electric car’s battery life in the long run, as you can fully charge your car instead of charging it for only one or two hours. Charging your electric car only midway, over and over again, will eventually reduce its efficiency and have an impact on how well it holds its charge.
  • It can increase the value of your property. As more and more people are turning to electric cars, an electric car charging system installed in your property could prove to be attractive to your potential buyers.
  • It is easy to relocate or uninstall if needed.

How long does a home charging system take to install?

Even though each installation of a home charging system is unique, the licensed Electricians of Absolutely Electrical who are well-experienced in installing EV chargers in homes, can complete the entire installation process within a fairly short amount of time. To give you an idea of the duration, on average, our standard installations take less than a day. However, if we are unable to complete the entire installation on the day, due to any unexpected additional work,then we will reschedule an installation date at your convenient time.

How much does it cost to install an EV charging station?

The cost of installing an EV charging station in your home can vary depending on the type of charger selected and the situation of your home or building. As each building is different, if you choose us as your electrical contractor, we will break down a quote to you that is specific to your situation. The team at Absolutely Electrical will always be crystal clear in communication regarding exactly how much of your money you are spending on which specific service. There are never any surprises.


Before we get into talking about costs, let us take a look at the levels of charging. There are three levels of charging: Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. As we are discussing about charging an electric car at home, we are mainly leaning towards Level 1 and Level 2 charging stations – as they are the ones that are most commonly found in homes and apartments. Level 3 charging stations are mainly used in industrial and commercial settings. If you are confused as to which level of charging you should get, do not worry as we have got your back! We will clarify the differences between the levels of charging with you beforehand. You can be sure to have a better understanding regarding which one you want to invest your money on.

Now, let us talk about the costs pertaining to Level 1 charging. A Level 1 charger can range from $300 to $600 with parts and labor adding up an additional $800 or more. The good thing about Level 1 charging is that it does not require any special installation. Moreover, you do not need to buy any other extra equipment as every electric car comes with a portable cord set charger, which can be connected to a 3 pin 120v plug.

Moving on to the costs pertaining to Level 2 charging stations, a Level 2 charger can range from $1000–$1700 with additional parts and labor adding an extra $1000. Complicated installations would increase the cost further. Although the installation of a Level 2 charging station consists of higher costs, a Level 2 charger is a more efficient option. This is because you will get a minimum of an additional 30-40 kms more range per hour than a Level 1 charger. Moreover, a Level 2 charging station offers a much faster charging time than Level 1 charging.

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