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Often the biggest challenge for someone with a budget

by David Audy on 03/05/14

This is a very important question indeed.
The first thing most people will do, since they have little or no trades skills will be to call a variety of local companies to get quotes or estimate. Absolutely Electrical gets a lot of calls from new homeowners, or business owners who have recently bought and we get the chance to see a lot of interesting things. The people that hire us as their electrical contractor in victoria bc often want us to add lighting, a new electrical service, or perhaps some plugs that are needed to make their appliances work.
As a trained electrical contractor in victoria bc, we have a keen eye since we are always on the lookout for dangerous electrical work done by handymans, or unlicensed electricians. Many people think that the job of a victoria electrician is clean and easy, but they do not know that we spend a lot of time in attics and crawlspaces, which can be very challenging and interesting. Sure enough, it doesn’t take long before we start doing an electrical inspection and find electrical that looks less than stellar. Getting a home inspector to check out your new home or business building is a good move, but did you know that they only have vague knowledge of most trades? Did you know that they may not be well versed in the current electrical code? Do you also know that they may not be able to tell you if something is dangerous enough to endanger your safety? The problem with home inspectors is that you never know if they are doing a very good inspection, or a poor one,since you are likely not going to be there when they do their job. How do you know if an home inspector looked very carefully under every piece of insulation in your attic? how do you know if your home inspector went into that wet and dirty crawlspace? From my experience, I can tell you that home inspectors don’t like to work too hard or get dirty. How do I know this? because as an electrical contractor in victoria bc, I constantly find really bad and dangerous electrical work that wasn’t spotted by these so called experts. Some of the things they miss can be so obvious, in plain sight and accessible, that you wonder how its possible for them to have missed these electrical issues. Most inspectors say they spend 2-3 hours inspecting a home. So why is it that I spent 10-15 minutes and find critical, life changing defects in electrical worksmanship, that could potential ruin your entire life and that of your family. An an electrical contractor in victoria bc, I often get to be the bearer of bad news and announce to the proud owners that their home inspector missed some very dangerous issues in their electrical wiring. Why does this keep happening? why does it happen so often? I believe a regular home inspector simply does not have enough training, or doesn’t care enough perhaps. At absolutely electrical, we care about your safety. We would encourage you to always get an expert electrician in victoria when you buy a house or any building, and have us do a full electrical inspection. We will spend at least 1 hour inspecting all your electricals and that could save you family’s life and your own. It truly is worth it to spend an additional 100$ to have peace of mind. Electricity is the most dangerous force in a home, so be sure that its all in good condition, you will be happy you did. Another reason I am writing this blog today is that since you did not know that your home was a potential fireball waiting to happen, now you find yourself faced with huge repair costs in the 10s of thousands of dollars to make the place safe again. Dont you wish you had hire an electrical contractor in victoria bc now?
Call us today to book your electrical inspection by a certified electrical contractor in victoria bc at 250-704-6808
Thank you,

David Audy ( owner of Absolutely Electrical )

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