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Home automation, the future is now!

by David Audy on 05/11/14

We all have basics needs as customers, which are met on a daily basis in Canada. We are very fortunate to live in such a great country, that some of our basic necessities are considered a luxury in many parts of the world. For those of us who think that is still not enough, we have amazing technology these days that make living life so easy, its almost ridiculous. Ask any electrical contractor in Victoria BC and they will tell you that the future is now. We have timers that turn on electrical devices at a set time for us, to wireless phone controlled lights, and even motion sensor lighting. There are also thermostats who can be fully programmed to turn on and off at certain days or times, security cameras that turn on and will follow someone if it detects movement. Lets talk about them more in detail.

There are some simple technology systems that can be automated using an electronic or mechanical timer. A Victoria electrician can install one of these handy devices that can turn on or off lights at certain times, start or stop a sprinkler system in your yard, or activate your deadly electrical fence at night. Timers are easy to install for an electrical contractor in Victoria BC, and are relatively inexpensive. For those that prefer something a bit easier to manage and wish to have their lights come on automatically when someone comes near their home or business, you can use a motion sensor switch or eye to turn on any indoor or outdoor light quickly. This can scare away any robbers who think he has darkness on his side. Better yet, a Victoria electrician can install even more intricate technology these days. We now have the power to turn on or off lights, plugs, security systems, door locks and even music, using our wireless phone or any computer. The best part of this is that you don’t even need to be at the location. You could be enjoy the Cancun sun, or perhaps some fresh sushi in Japan, and check in on the house or business by typing a few keystrokes on your laptop. These systems tend to be expensive to install and require a Victoria electrician who has been trained by the various manufacturers to install such a system. While it may be out of reach for the average home owner, several businesses find them to be a valuable tool to keep an eye on employees while they are away, or just to have some peace of mind that things are being done.

Thermostats nowadays have vastly improved one of the most expensive electrical systems in a home: heating. Without going into too much detail, you can now fully program any in-floor heat pad to turn on shortly before you wake up, preventing those cold floor from waking you up too quickly. For those who have baseboard heaters, you will find you can cut your costs by nearly 30% by using a basic programmable thermostat. You can also have them automatically turn on an hour before you come home, or just to turn down the heat an hour before you go to bed under those hot duvets. Some thermostats can communicate with their friends in other rooms, and this enables them to properly sense who needs to be on or off. This type of thermostat has a phenomenal efficiency. Ask an electrical contractor in Victoria BC how much money you can save for your business or home, and he will tell you that its well worth it to spend 75$ for a thermostat that could pay for itself within a year or 2 in energy savings.

Security cameras have come a long way. Some of them are now smarter than the average college professor. You might think that they can be lazy by only waking up when they feel an intruder is coming near, but then they quickly focus on the task at hand and will zoom in and out and follow the person of interest. Some of these automated smart cameras can cost thousands of dollars, but when they save you thousands of dollars in potential stolen goods, you can bet they are a hot item. While not necessarily great for a home owner, business owners will find themselves giddy at being able to finally catch that person who keeps taking away their hard earned money.

I hope this was an interesting read, and as you know, I am always looking for topic suggestions. If you have any electrical topic in mind, let me know, I would be happy to share my expertise with you.

Thank you,

David Audy ( owner of Absolutely Electrical )

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