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The dangers of doing your own electrical work

by David Audy on 05/28/13

There are very few good reasons to do your own electrical work in your home or small business. Some people think that they can save themselves a lot of money by not hiring Victoria electricians, which is great, but let us look at what the potential difficulty or dangers that one might encounter when they are trying to do so. Have you considered that there are laws against you doing your own work? What about risks of fires or explosions? What if you lost everything you own and insurance would not cover you? What if someone you love dies? Not using electrical contractors in Victoria BC could be a risky move.

Often the biggest challenge for someone with a budget is to get all their electrical work done for as cheap as possible. They think that they are capable of doing the work because maybe they saw a Victoria electrician doing it before and it seemed easy. A Victoria electrician has years of training, and although it may seem easy when you watch a trained professional, it rarely is. Victoria electricians know exacly what is safe and what is not. They know the laws and the electrical code, which greatly improves your chances to not encounter any problems. If someone was to do their own work, how would they know if they followed the proper codes and laws? When you hire electrical contractors in Victoria BC, they have the responsibility to not only stay current on those codes and laws, but to also ensure that their Victoria electricians also stay trained and up to date on them. As an individual, do you know what causes fires or explosions when you do your electrical work? Victoria electricians know full well that improper terminations, wires touching each other and shorting out, or too many wires closely interlaced together can create heat and lead to fires. A Victoria electricians also knows that if you were to touch the wrong things with your tools they could explode and several hurt you. Even a seasoned Victoria electrician can sometimes make a mistake and blow his tools up, so how much more for the unseasoned homeowner or business owner? Some explosions can cause 3rd degree burns to your body, is that worth saving a few dollars? Victoria electricians know to turn off the circuits that feed the wires on which devices they are working on. They have the tools to see if those circuits are safe to work on and de-energize. Did you know that an electrical shock as minimal as 0.005ma can kill you? Did you also know that most outlets in your home carry 3-4amps at any time? That is enough to cause death. Are you willing to risk your life to save a few dollars? If your property was to catch on fire due to improper electrical work, the insurance company would not cover you. Is it worth losing everything you’ve worked so hard for? Electrical contractors in Victoria BC must be insured and if something was to happen, you would be covered and not lose any of your hard earned possessions. Finally, what if some of the work you did caused one of your family members to die? Maybe they get shocked, or a fire burns down your house. How would you feel knowing that because you wanted to save a few dollars one of your family member had died? Victoria electricians are worth every penny. Everytime you hire an electrical contractor in Victoria, you are making a wise investment.

I hope that by reading this blog post that you now will think twice about doing your own electrical work. There is not greater piece of mind than to hire electrical contractors in Victoria BC. You can rest and sleep at night knowing that the chances of those misfortunes happening to you are lowered greatly by using qualified and trained Victoria electricians. Thank you for reading this, and if it saves one person from making a fatal mistake, then, we, at Absolutely Electrical are indeed very happy.

Thank you,

David Audy ( owner of Absolutely Electrical )

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